Listen Sports Bluetooth headset

    1.Simple and lightweight, ergonomic design, bring a comfortable wearing experience, so that the movement of your relaxed and comfortable, lightweight zero bound.

    2.IPX6 class anti sweat body design, about 6 hours long play, can meet most of the sports environment, even if you do not have to worry about running a long distance headset headset.

    3.Intimate magnet design, after exercise can be back through the magnet adsorption after the ear hanging in the chest, portable fashion.

    4.The use of advanced CSR Bluetooth chip, stable performance, strong compatibility.

    Product Parameter

    Length : 560mm

    Color : Deep gray, soul red

    Material : aluminum alloy, ABS, TPE

    Operating temperature range: -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C

    Standby time : 200 hours

    Operating hours : 5-6 hours

    Charging time: about 1~2 hours

    Accessories: Ear Cap, Ear Hook, USB Cable, Instructions

    Applicable models: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Bluetooth-enabled devices

    Product Information