Brand Story

    A High-end Quality and Ideal Design Option

    VOKAMO (沃咔曼), a Hong Kong fashion digital accessories brand, which integrates R&D, design, production and sales into one. It officially entered the mainland market in 2012, now its products are well sold in domestic and foreign markets, and also greatly favored by consumers at home and abroad.

    Initial mind of the Brand is to provide high quality products and professional services for the majority of 3C digital enthusiasts and share the fun of mobile lifestyles, and to continuously meet customers’ demand with worry-free and creative products.


                   Ultimate Belief and Brand Adherence

    VOKAMO brand derived from the diamond concept, and select the "diamond" graphic as its LOGO, which represents VOKAMO's pursuit of the ultimate brand concept.

    Base on the "first-class quality" brand philosophy, VOKAMO insists on creating products with high practical aesthetics, and designs with VOKAMO characteristics.

                    Be More Practical and Smarter Made

    VOKAMO focuses on technical and quality strength, all products are certified by authoritative organizations. Starting from user needs, the focus is on the user experience of the product. In terms of design, we pursue the unique beauty and sense of digital products and the exquisiteness of all product details. As for the quality, we will never compromise, each product will go through repeated testing before it is launched, strictly controlling the quality of the product to ensure high quality.

    So far, VOKAMO covers a wide range of product categories, includes phone accessories, computer accessories , iPad protection, cables, power banks and accessory storage series, which meets users' diversified demands.


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    After-sales engineer


    Release time:2016-04-05  13:00:00

    Position information

    The job description

    -Daily data extraction and storage;

    -Business analysis of various data report making (weekly follow-up & quarterly summary);

    -Performance diagnostic data analysis and calculation;

    -Quarterly sales commission increase accounting;

    -Financial year budget work data support (sales task decomposition, cross-departmental data support), etc。

    -Other tasks assigned by the leader。

    Strong understanding of business logic and work adaptability; proficient in Excel software (skilled use of VBA programming is preferred); proficient in Access database; patient and meticulous working attitude; more than two years of work experience (bachelor degree or above); Major in statistics, mathematics is preferred。